Roger is . . .
I graduated from Bucknell University and moved back to New York State to teach art and mechancal drawing at tiny Edmeston Central, a district consisting of a single building.  I was responsible for all students between third and twelth grade.
Match the person with the name:
We like to grow quirky heirloom tomatoes,
We moved to an old Pennsylvania German farmhouse in Berks County, and I left Rodale to become a freelancer.

We are converting our fields from conventional agriculture (genetically modified soy-corn rotation) to native grasses and wildflowers. The yellow field of goldenrod attracts Mexico-bound monarch butterflies, and we tag them to help the on-going research on their migration patterns.
My writing and illustration deal with things we like to do around the place,                                           such as baking,
I grew up near Schenectady, New York.  After two tries at tenth grade, I graduated from the Albany Academy with the rank of color corporal, which meant that I carried the company flag and was armed with a ceremonial (that is to say, toddler-approved) sword.
I am a freelance writer and editor,
I gave up teaching after a year to play bass guitar in a rock-and-blues band, Derail, based in central Pennsylvania.  When Huricane Agnes bloated the Susquehanna River, I worked in a HUD-funded program to help relocate flood victims.
I gave up the bohemian life to work for Rodale Press as a book editor.  A fellow editor, Ali Nass, and I asked for a three-month leave to travel through southern Europe and India, dropping in on people's kitchens for a book project.  Ending up in Sri Lanka, we stopped by an Anglican chapel on an attractive hillside and asked the vicar to marry us.
We continue to travel, particularly in Asia, to locations that we may not be nimble enough to negotiate a decade from now.
brewing cider and ales,
And we are glad our kids have settled for the time being in the Northeast: Metthea, recently married to musician Dan Paul; and Rhodes, who shares a home with artist Rachel Betty Case.
and, if the job calls for illustrations, I struggle a bit with watercolor or line drawings.
But most of all, we revel in domestic pleasures.
A full-moon observance in Kalaw, Burma (left), and a mountaintop in Ladakh, northern India.
and making kim chi.
Dan and Metthea after their homemade wedding; they bunked for a year in our little red pig barn, visible in the background.  Photo by Jessica Pearl.
Rhodes and Rachel, about to go out on the town.
 various berries,
and soon will treat the hops to a spindly trellis.
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